April 2022


What are some ways that you manage stress?

Anonymous - Walking

Rosa - Read
Anonymous - Puzzles, listen to radio, watch tv, clean, work outside
Phyllis - Take walks, take warm bath, talk to a friend and enjoy being with
Amber - Going to the gym
Suzanne - Medication
Darian - Take deep breathes
Anonymous - Praying and Meditation
Adriana - Just not think about it
Anonymous - Exercise/walk
Anonymous - I don't
Anonymous - Take time to myself, light candles and do crossword puzzles
Anonymous - Exercise
Jessica - Prayer
Raymond - Take a walk, relax and read
Terry - Prayer
Reynaldo - Binge watch tv shows and listen to music
Franklin - Relax and Exercise
Christy - Exercise
Anonymous - Listening to music, bike riding, and prayer
Anonymous - Take walk, play basketball
Anonymous - Walk, play, read the bible
Allison - Play with toys
Ann - Bible study, prayer meeting, pray for 30 min
Anya - Music, girls night out, yoga, meditation
Anonymous - I take walks or play with my dog
Elsa - Pray
Anonymous - Listen to music
Anonymous - Spend time with my kids
Anonymous - Music


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