February 2022

How Our Patients Have Shown Kindness

Anonymous - Pray for people
Anonymous - Help out with the light bill
Anonymous - We're donating our used appliances
Anonymous - Give someone a basket of their favorite snacks
Rose - Paying for my parents eye exam and glasses
Anonymous - Buy someone lunch
Anonymous - Smile
Anonymous - Smile
Anonymous - Show a good example of Christ like behavior and patience
Kaiya - Make people laugh or smile
Viola - Provide encouragement to those who are different 
Anonymous - Wear a mask
Kaylena - By going to fly high for my brothers and sisters
Aynaleigh and Dustin - Help grandma w/her grocery shopping, laundry, chopping wood, getting her water, checking her mail...
Anonymous - Donating bottled water to my school
Anonymous - Give someone something to eat or drink
Maura - Giving away gently used clothes and cooking for people
Anna - If someone needs help with anything then i'll help them :)
Anonymous - Police officers "Thank you Bags"
Anonymous - Buy wood to help keep my mom warm
Pablo - Be nice
Anonymous - Paying for someones lunch
Anonymous - Donate Food
Anonymous - Praying for my close friend thats like family!
Anonymous - Spend time with my father and brother in laws
Bree - Donating to indigenious families w/hiegien products
Anonymous - Leave care packages at bus stops and cook and deliver food to a few that are down. Gather wood, load trunk and deliver :)
Anonymous - I help someone in need everyday not just on special days
Akasheia - Pay it forward as always
Burtrena - Help my grandma more 
Anonymous - Be there for my friends and strangers 
Anonymous - Extend Grace. Suspend Judgement.
Anonymous - Deliver my neighbors paper to their door and bring in their trash can.


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