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    Lawrence Adegite

    My name is Doctor Lawrence Akintunde Olufidiya Adegite. I am happily married to Leah Adegite and reside in Farmington, New Mexico. We collectively have 7 Children.

    I was born in Oye-Ekiti Nigeria Africa. I was raised in a Christian home and attended church regularly and was apart of the church choir. From a young age I was taking my bible all around with me and preaching publicly. I also knew when I was 12 years old that I wanted to be a Doctor and was already on my way by making glasses for friends out of cardboard.

    I attended a Private Elementary School and then a Private Boarding School. Following graduation I became an accounting clerk for the Nigerian Railway Corporation. I was employed with this company for five years before I received an Academic Scholarship through the Federal Government of Nigeria. This sparked the striking change of scenery to come to America to be able to study at Pacific University of Oregon in 1977.

    I promised myself that I would receive my first degree in Clinical Psychology within three years. I achieved it in 2 ½ years. I believe that this speaks highly of my perseverence and ability to achieve success. Following not long after was my next degree in Visual Science just two years later. I then did my internship/residency in South Africa at several hospitals where I was trained to do basic cataract extraction, pterygium removal and intense training in ocular/systemic diseases.

    Once I was finished with my internship/residency, I returned to the States and graduated in 1985. Following graduation from Pacific University, I returned home to Nigeria to serve at the Nigerian Air Force Hospital for one year. Once finished I returned to the States to take my Licensing Board Exam. I later worked as a part time clinical instructor and at the same time was engaged in a Master’s Degree Program in Clinical Education.

    I moved to New Mexico in 1992 and started a practice and did a few special trainings at North Eastern University of Optometry in Advanced Clinical Management of Ocular Disease with systemic meds, minor surgical procedures for Optometric Physicians and Laser Therapy for the Anterior Segment.

    I was an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at Pacific University College of Optometry from May 2003 through May 2008.

    Currently I am running two Optometric Practices and also am an ordained minister for the past fifteen years, doing Jail Ministry, I visit San Juan County Jail on a weekly basis.  


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