March 2022

What is your favorite thing about Spring?

Asalynn -- It's warm and everything comes alive and all the colors are out, flowers and animals too
Timothea - Trips and spending time with family
Anonymous - Time change
Lawrence - Trips and Time change
Tatum - Definitely, the time change
Dhalon - Playing outside with my dogs
Ryan - I could drive around with my windows down
Oletha - Strawberries and lighter clothing
Alexandria - Everything
Edith - Warm weather, open windows to let cool breeze in, might go on a trip
Anonymous - Trips
Valentine - God bringing back sleeping life
.Heidi - Rain
Ethan - The Flowers
Natahsiah - Trips: I would love to go on a trip
Jacob - Enjoy the outdoors with my friends
Anonymous - Cleaning, being with family and vacations
Anonymous - Warm Weather
Neomi - Flowers blooming
Alissa - Everything
Anonymous - Daffodils
Wilijah - Can watch the butterflies and hummingbirds roam free and the springtime flowers, colors of happiness
Emily - Flowers Blooming
Anonymous - Flowers Blooming
Anonymous - Flowers Blooming
Sandra - Lime green (new life), fresh air and blooming flowers
Julie - It gets warmer weather in Spring
Alley - Time change, warming of weather
Anonymous - Flowers and longer daylight outside
Anonymous - Time change
Minnie - Everything is a lot greener
Anonymous - Warm weather and spring break
Juan - The road trips and joys of traveling
Teagan - Warmer weather and flowers
Kalynn - I love the flowers blooming and the warmth
Anonymous - Trees and flowers blooming, warm weather
Elijah - Time change
Slaton - Trees
Linda - Flowers Blooming
Anonymous - Longer days and nice weather
Monica - Time change and trips


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