May 2022

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Anonymous - Back in Las Vegas like I was this weekend
Jonathan - Fishing the San Juan
Esther - California to visit my grandpa, Sam
Zach - Costa Rica
Anonymous - Bouncy House
Anonymous - Home HAHA
Anonymous - Fish and bouncy house
Billy - New York
Anonymous - I would go to New York
E. Conley - Right now I like being where I am, but if I could I would visit Alaska
Anonymous - South Parda Island
Anonymous - In bed sleeping
Anonymous - Right here in Aztec, New Mexico
Anonymous - Anywhere with the people I care most about
Anonymous - Near the ocean
Ty - Vanouver Island, Canada
Suzanne - Ireland
Anonymous - At home, in bed
Anonymous - At the beach
Andrew - Taking flying lessons over Australia
Anonymous - New Zealand
Anonymous - Tokyo, Japan
Ellery - Working in Hawaii
Anonymous - Trainrock
Anonymous - Holding my pup, Cupcake and playing with her (she passed this morning)
Anonymous - Japan
Anonymous - Japan
Anonymous - Somewhere where my kids and wife and I can live debt free, stress free, somewhere in the world that feels like home.
Jazlyn - I would be in South Korea to see BTS
Anonymous - An island alone with my son and his dad
Anonymous - Fishing
Buddy - Anywhere with my Nana
Anonymous - Disneyland
Ariahna - Back to the first day of 5th grade
Anonymous - With my grandchild and kids anywhere


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